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Dwayne wins £10,000 cash

If you want to know what lucky is, meet dwayne, our gold membership draw saw dwayne winning big on his birthday!

"I won $12k, I thought it was $10,000 US at first but after I recieved the money the currency of the pound is good, turned out to be $12,364. awesome company, I'm a happy paying customer, I'm putting down some of this money to win some more. keep it going guys."
Dwayne Rodriguez
Gold Member

Barbara wins £5000 cash

Barbara is a down to earth and humble wife and mother to be who plans to use the £5000 she won from our diamond membership draw to pay private medical expenses.

"you guys are the absolute best, thank you so much for providing this opportunity to me. winning £5000 is going to help me and my family out so much. keep being great and doing great things. thank you"
Barbara Mills
Diamond Member

Emily wins £1000 cash

We were really happy to see Emily's name on the winning ticket as she has been supporting us from the beginning, thank you Emily and enjoy your winnings.

"This is a 10 star recommendation, i have fallen in love with this company, they are doing some truly unique and amazing stuff, I won £1000 for £2.50, talk about striking lucky. Thank you guys so much you are the best."
Emily Grey

Shannon wins £10,000 cash

Shannon and her family has been through hard times recently, losing her grandfather in the fight against the virus was unbearable, also the stress of losing her job added to the heartache, we are humbled and happy to know that the little we are doing goes a long way in helping others go through hard times. Shannon struck gold in our gold membership draw winning herself £10,000 cash which has helped her out financially.

"I'm going to be honest, i lost my grandfather recently to the coronavirus, i was then laid of work because the company went bust, I was really depressed and was feeling like i was running out of options. SRC Giveaways made me feel apart of something good, that had purpose and is progressive. I became a member for those reasons, even though me and my partner virtually had no money I decided to buy the membership plan because i believed in them and it was the best decision i have ever made. Even though the £10,000 i won will not replace my grandfather, it has saved us from hitting rock bottom. Really sorry for the long review but everyone deserves to know what a fantastic company and team you are. Please keep up the good work."
Shannon Riley
Gold Member

Ruben wins £5000 cash

Ruben is a man of few words but a man of action, Ruben was calm as ever when we spoke to him over the phone after winning £5000 cash in our diamond membership draw. Congratulation Ruben, enjoy your prize.

"I won myself 5k what's not to like about SRC Giveaways. I'm recommending them to the world. Real, authentic and genuine team, thank you for giving back to us."
Ruben Park
Diamond Member

Kelly wins £10,000 cash

Kelly bought a membership plan as she was feeling lucky and boy did it pay off. Kelly struck gold in our £10,000 gold membership draw.

"Firstly, thank you so much to SRC Giveaways, i paid £20 to enter all their gold membership giveaways and i won £10,000 on my first draw, and i still have 11 more to go, yey, talk about value for money! So i want to say thank you very much this has made my year. Secondly, i want to name and shame my husband Dave, who told me i was wasting my time playing and after he saw that i won i caught him checking the lottery refund policy so he can buy a membership from SRC Giveaways instead. These guys are absolutely incredible, there is no company like this, the odds are unbelievable. That's a 5 star from me - highly recommended!!!"
Kelly Curtis
Gold Member

Roy wins £1000 cash

Meet Roy, a quiet country man who like to go for a noisy ride down the country lanes. Roy won himself £1000 playing in our neutral membership draw.

"I really can't say enough praises about this company, and i mean this, I am not just saying it because i won £1000 but when i read about their vision and the good they are trying to do for people like me it really moves me. Your draws have the best odds out there, i am sure if the odds were not so high i would never have won. Thank you for being so honest, transparent and open. I am a happy customer for life."
Roy Horton

Ivor wins £500 cash

Ivor is a hard working self employed man who struck lucky participating in our £500 live draw.

"I won the £500 cash prize today(3.4.2020). 🥳🤩 The odds on the competitions are incredible! Definitely recommend SRC giveaways to everyone. ✌🏼"
Ivor Stark

Jovan wins 2019 Audi RS3

Jovan is enjoying his reigns in his top of the range Audi sport model, none other than the king of the hatchbacks it's self, the Audi RS3. Jovan did not watch our live draw and finally received the news on our third attempt to get a hold of him. and what a news that was.

"SRC Giveaways, you guys are the best, thanks to your competition I am driving around in a 2019 model Audi RS3 with all expenses for the year paid for. This thing is mentally quick and is virtually brand new. I cannot give you guys enough credit, big thanks once again."
Jovan Moody

Derek wins Triple Supercar Driving Experience

Derek is someone who can appreciate the thrill of driving these powerful motors around the track, and will be stepping on the track to prove himself once again courtesy of participating in our free draw.

Thank you guys, i'm really looking forward to getting on the track.
Derek Dunlop

Simon wins Triple Supercar Driving Experience

Driving a supercar is usually enough of an experience for any exotic car lovers, but for Simon, 3 is the magic number as he wins the triple supercar drive expeience, courtesy of our free giveaway.

"Awesome, i'm really looking forward to it"
Simon Ridd