Scott Enterprise is the trademark and vision of Kemoy Scott, still in it’s birth phase, with a starting capital of 10 million and with 5 million pledged to it’s Subsidiary company SRC Giveaways, Scott Enterprise has a long term plan that will see it slowly and discreetly pop up on the map across the world.

Scott Enterprise has kick started it’s 30 year campaign, yes you heard us right – 30 year campaign that has recently seen the birth of SRC Giveaways and will extend far beyond to other areas none related to automotive.

At a time where the world is not taking notice, Kemoy Scott has unveiled his vision, a vision the Force Magazine has captured and we have taken very seriously indeed.

Here is a brief listing of phase one which covers the first 15 year plan start up list of what’s in store

  • Automotive company – Started 2019

Scott Range Cars Ltd

It is officially the first and at the time of writing the only active company to kick start the 30 year journey of this enterprise, dubbed ‘SRC Giveaways’ due to it’s online competitions that see’s participants winning their dream cars for as little as £4 – £10, Scott Enterprise has taken a unique way of growing it’s first company, It has pledged to back it’s first daughter with half of it’s capital but has chosen not to invest it’s millions into promotion but has rather chosen to grow the business organically by building a membership community through self promotion, the capital pledged is used to invest into the prizes given away.

The company has not completely cast aside it’s direct sales, as it has recently reintroduced some top spec cars that can be purchased directly.

With a projected turn over for the first year of 1.2 million, followed by 2.4 million in the second year, lets take a dive into the unique acquisitions of this company.

So who is behind the company? would you be surprised to know that the company has a very small team of 10? probably not, okay, so would it surprise you to know that the company’s founder is pretty much hands on in building it from the ground up? probably not, okay, so here is what we find interesting, so as the name suggest it is a family business and is being nurtured by Kemoy Scott and his wife Rebeka Scott during it’s preliminary phase, and at some stage in the future will be passed on to their children but that’s not all. The persons that will have significant control and leadership positions in the enterprise as it grows in the future are all currently under the age of 20 years old and are all learning their trade by taking on roles in Scott Range Cars at present.

A company run by young people for the people is one to certainly watch out for.


  • Private Estates and housing – Starting 2025

What plans to start out as a simplistic housing and estate business, as far as Scott Enterprise are concerned, this will by no means be an ordinary business, this plan will take some time to come to fruition as they plan to purchase a number of houses and even communities and resell them at an affordable price to their clients.

The business plan outlines a pricing strategy that will make luxury and otherwise expensive homes affordable to young people starting out in life, married couples, single professionals. These homes will be available to all but will have some key support schemes for clients that in normal circumstances would not be able to afford these homes.

There are also plans to purchase blocks of houses and convert them into gated communities with infrastructures to encourage family friendly environment with community centres and activities for children and youth, these communities will have paid security and community workers that will be managed by the Scott Enterprise.

  • Private health Care – Starting 2030

10 years from the time of writing this blog, Scott Enterprise will be using their resources to fund private health care facilities across the globe, the business plan presented by Kemoy Scott suggest that this will more be an ownership business to help fund more medical researches and provide more medical supplies for healthcare facilities in need.

The plan does not rule out Scott Enterprise forming medical centres but states that if there is a need, the enterprise will be in a position to form a limited amount of centres.

  • Private Education – Starting 2035

As stated in the business plan “We have a vested interest in the education of our young, as their education will shape the future of our society, we believe that there is a need for independent schools which is independent in its finances and governance. Our definition by means is private schools, non-governmental, privately funded, non-state schools, not administered by local, state or national governments.”


These are exciting times for us to journey with this company as it carries forward its plans into the future.

this concludes part one.

Yuetoshi Yakamoto


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