Most frequent questions and answers

We will use google’s random number generator to select the winner live.

Don’t worry you don’t have to do much, we will drop the prize off right to your front door.

Yes, you can enter even if you are not based in the UK.

Yes, there is no limit on the number of competitions you can enter.

Your are free to enter any of our competitions at anytime, once a winner is declared the competition will reset. the duration will vary depending on the demand and we will prioritise draws that have not had a winner announced for any prolonged period, our turnover period for draws will become more and more frequent the more established we get.

We will aim to complete the live draw 48 hours after the competition closes.

We currently do not operate by a minimum ticket sale module as we are treating this period of establishment as an investment period so our priority is to turn over winners, as long as someone enters we will release the prize.

You can fill out the contact us form to notify us, however, we may not be able to retrieve your ticket, so please keep it secure.

We will attempt to contact the winner for a further 14 days after the draw, if we are unsuccessful, we will announce a 2nd draw and a new winner will be determined.

Your ticket will state if you are eligible for a cash prize in place of the car, if this is the case you can inform us when we contact you of your choice. However, if your ticket does not state a cash prize swap then, you will have to provide us with your reason which we will consider and inform you within 24 – 48 hours of our decision, if you do not want the prize then you have a right to reject it. If the prize is rejected we will conduct a 2nd live draw and announce a new winner.