Our story

Whether annoying our fellow business compatriots with our fleet of cars parked up outside our head quarters or having our tamed beasts locked away in our warehouse, it is safe to say we make a lot of noise wherever we go, but what can you expect, it comes with the territory of what we do.

We are a baby booming business striving for excellence, our business is still in it’s infant years and no doubt evolving rapidly.

What started out as simply a car selling project coherently turned into a car giveaway frenzy.

We have numerous cars enlisted for our popular prize draws.

Even though our company is in a great giveaway spirit, our customers can and still do purchase from us.

Our ultimate goal is not just to sell and give away cars but to also manufacture our own range.



Striving for excellence Surpassing expectations Surprising members with fantastic prizes


Reliable service
Reasonable price
Really cool prizes


Charitable causes


Give away cars
Give away cash
Give away accessories

Our Company

We are a private limited company. 

Our registered name is Scott Range Cars Ltd, due to our inherited giveaway module we also trade under the name Scott Range Car Giveaways or also commonly known as SRC Giveaways. 

We function as an online business, our warehouse is not open for the general public, customers who purchase or win cars can collect their cars from our site, however, we generally offer to deliver.

Our registered office is based in Mayfair, London, but where possible we perform most of our business functions from home.

Why people choose us

The feedback we receive from or community collectively tell a story, our brand is one that shares the same values, we are reliable, transparent, we are focused on connecting with our audience through organic growth, we want to interact with our members and build a community that grows from strength to strength. we wish to inspire and brighten up people’s lives.


Kemoy Scott