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I’m going to be honest, i lost my grandfather recently to the coronavirus, i was then laid of work because the company went bust, I was really depressed and was feeling like i was running out of options.

SRC Giveaways made me feel apart of something good, that had purpose and is progressive. I became a member for those reasons, even though me and my partner virtually had no money I decided to buy the membership plan because i believed in them and it was the best decision i have ever made.

Even though the £10,000 i won will not replace my grandfather, it has saved us from hitting rock bottom.

Really sorry for the long review but everyone deserves to know what a fantastic company and team you are.

Please keep up the good work.

I won myself 5k what’s not to like about SRC Giveaways. I’m recommending them to the world. Real, authentic and genuine team, thank you for giving back to us.

“Firstly, thank you so much to SRC Giveaways, i paid £20 to enter all their gold membership giveaways and i won £10,000 on my first draw, and i still have 11 more to go, yey, talk about value for money! So i want to say thank you very much this has made my year.

Secondly, i want to name and shame my husband Dave, who told me i was wasting my time playing and after he saw that i won i caught him checking the lottery refund policy so he can buy a membership from SRC Giveaways instead. These guys are absolutely incredible, there is no company like this, the odds are unbelievable.

That’s a 5 star from me – highly recommended!!!”

“I really can’t say enough praises about this company, and i mean this, I am not just saying it because i won £1000 but when i read about their vision and the good they are trying to do for people like me it really moves me. Your draws have the best odds out there, i am sure if the odds were not so high i would never have won. Thank you for being so honest, transparent and open. I am a happy customer for life.”

“I’m going to say the forbidden word, I jokingly bet my missus this was a ‘scam’, I didn’t even watch the live draw until I received a text from SRC Giveaways asking me to get in contact with them. I know £500 is not much but i’m self employed and needed the extra boost. I will definetly be playng again.”


“You guys are awesome! wish you did part exchange to take my old motor off my drive, this is the first competition i have entered and won. The car is unbelievable, the extra cash also helped sort out my insurance. Big thanks to SRC Giveaways” 

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